Bicycle Accidents

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Maximize your recovery. Minimize the hassle. And get back on your bike.

In 1982, I began practicing law. But long before that I was running and cycling; almost always on public roads. Although small, the risk of a collision with a motorist is always there. What will you do if you end up involved in one of these rare accidents? This may be your first (and hopefully only) bicycle accident, but the insurance adjuster representing the driver has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of these cases. You are automatically at a decided disadvantage not knowing how the insurance industry works, not knowing what damages you are entitled to and not knowing how to value your claim. This is where I can help. I not only speak your language as a cyclist, but can communicate what’s important to an insurance adjuster in order to maximize your claim. If it becomes necessary to take your claim to court, I will file your case and present to a jury. Fees are based upon a percentage of the recovery so if the efforts are not successful, you owe no attorney’s fees.

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